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Popup Newsletter

Your visitors would get the most relevant search results, and personalized
product and query suggestions - from the first.


Quick view attribute product variable

The goal of the Quickview feature is to minimize the numbers of clicks and
help shoppers initiate their ordering more easily and efficiently.


Ajax Cart & Wishlist

Campee support cart and wishlist similar with any shopping platform
all over the world. Let your customers enjoy this awesome ajax feature.


Horizontal & Vertical Megamenu

Your build-in mega menu is the perfect choice for large menus. You can setup columns and rows,
use icons and display product in mega menu easily.

Product Page Variations

Customize each product variations individually. Set the most appropriate
zoom effect, page structure, sidebar position etc.


Core Features

Campee comes with a lot of features, we have so many of them it would take you too much time to read about our features!
We decided to make a quick list of the main features, check the pages to see the features in action.